‘We have sped up the process because of Laila’s special case

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Replica Bags Wholesale Laila Saleh, 111, is believed to be the world’s oldest refugee.In Laila’s case the process was sped up, but it did not occur the same for the rest of her https://www.replicasbagss.com family in Greece with her so they cannot travel until their status is formalised.As a result, she has been ‘stuck’ there, as her old age does not allow her to travel on her own.Her two granddaughters, Nesrin and Brivan, have been granted asylum in Germany and have their own family there.In spite of her buy replica bags age, she is physically healthy, and aid workers say she seems to be remembering things from her past.Speaking through an interpreter, Laila said: ‘We had a good, quiet, normal life in Syria for many years.Woman marries herself in 21,000 ceremony after being jilted by her groom’I was happy living in the country with my family I had five kids.’People had their jobs and they cared about their high end replica bags homes.’Children were playing in the street, there was not any danger anywhere.’The war destroyed everything’.She was born in Kobani, Syria in 1907 but in fear for her life, she bag replica high quality fled her homeland with her family. Her son literally carried her on his back as the family got on a boat in order to get to Greece.Laila was born in Kobane in 1907 (Picture: Getty)Laila arrived to the island of Lesvos, through Turkey, along with thousands of refugees, on November replica bags china 2017.She stayed for a while on a refugee camp in Moria, Lesvos under poor living conditions.Then she was transferred to Athens and accommodated by ‘Solidarity now’, an NGO dedicated to replica designer backpacks assist refugees and people in need arriving in Greece.Crackhead who beat up his stepson best replica designer has his skull smashed while in prisonValia Savvidou, from Solidarity Now, said: ‘Laila speaks a rare Kurdish dialect, comprehensive only by her grandson Khalil. She communicates with me through Khalil and every time she sees me, she says that the polite thing to do is to get up and offer me something to drink.’What is important now is for her family to get asylum as well good quality replica bags so they can all travel to Germany, something that the Asylum services are already working on.’We have sped up the process because of Laila’s special case.’She will be getting a passport and an ID in about two months and she, theoretically, will be able to travel.’We are trying to find a solution as soon as possible so at least one of her family members can travel with her to Germany’.MORE: 4 ways you can help end period poverty among women in the UKMORE: Pictured: Woman, 100, left with broken neck after being mugged on the way to churchMORE: Mother’s cries of pain for baby girl choked to death by tear gas in GazaShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link Replica Bags Wholesale.