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After the tragedy, a workplace health and safety company completed an expert report, concluding that for an extra few thousand dollars, the lives of Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low might have been spared.The inquest into the deaths was today shown a report that identified the cause of the incident, and details of the less than $3000 safety feature that could have addressed it.A year before the fatal incident, an external engineering and machinery company called Products for Industry (PFI) was hired to upgrade the weathered ride.Emails and invoices shown at the inquest detailed exactly what the theme park paid for.Dreamworld first approached PFI in August 2015 about stopping rafts from slipping backwards, to upgrade its main control panel and to modify sensors to check if chains on the conveyor belt were broken.Earlier today, the inquest focused on another of Dreamworld popular attractions, the Log Ride which operated similar to the Thunder River Rapids using water pumps and a conveyor system.PFI senior engineer Matthew Sullivan told the inquest the company had worked on the Log Ride back in 2013 where the focus of their work was installing a water safety level system at the bottom of the slide.The system was integral to the ride, because it meant the water level would determine whether the ride would brake and subsequently slow down the log raft. If the water was too low, the raft would keep going.If there wasn enough water at the bottom of the log slide, the situation could become dangerous Mr Sullivan said.The system installed by PFI meant that if the water wasn high enough, sensors would send information to a logic controller that would then signal the computer and ride operating system to immediately shut down the conveyor belt.While the Log Ride was fitted with this system years ago, when PFI was hired in 2016 to upgrade the Thunder River Rapids ride,the water level issue wasn raise, and the same system wasn request by the theme park.The park ordered a safety upgrade of the ride months before the incident, but didn’t raise a crucial issue. Picture: Jason O’Brien/Getty ImagesSource:Getty ImagesIn a damning expert report by Safety Related Designer Replica Bags Control Systems, the company concluded the cause of the incident was the lack of a suitable safety rated water level detection system added to the upgraded conveyor system.The report added the water safety level system could have been provided at a cost of $2000 to $3000.such a water level detection system have been in place it would have brought the conveyor to a safe stop as soon as the water had fallen to a crucial level thereby likely avoiding a collision, the report said.When questioned if it would been possible for PFI to install a water safety level system back in February 2016, Mr Sullivan said yes.Despite that, Mr Sullivan said Dreamworld had never told PFI if was interested in a safe water level system.In emails, PFI outlined a two of upgrades to the ride where it would eventually install sensors that would the presence of a raft at the bottom of the conveyor the sensors picked up a raft, the conveyor would shut down something that didn happen on October 25, 2016.In a damning report it was concluded the “primary cause” of the incident was the lack of a suitable safety rated water level detection system.

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wholesale replica designer handbags Biswanath’s helming of the BCCI that started a year after India successfully co hosted the Reliance World Cup that also high quality replica bags kick started the money boom and commercialisation of Indian cricket bore the mark of a stern administrator. replica designer bags Six other junior players were let off with a fine.The board refused to budge despite pressures from various quarters, and finally, the aggrieved players moved the Supreme Court, which passed an obiter replica designer bags wholesale dictum (expression of opinion uttered in court or in a written judgment, but not legally binding) in their favour.”After the obiter dictum by a judge, I didn’t fight with the court and acknowledged it and withdrew my decision,” Biswanath later said in an interview to a web portal.Before taking over the top post in the high replica bags BCCI, Biswanath served as Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) Secretary (1977 81), President (1982 86) and Chairman (1987 1991), and chairman of its trustee board in later years. He was also elected as BCCI Vice President.In 1977, Biswanath brought Dalmiya into cricket administration as CAB Treasurer wholesale replica designer handbags.